Tuesday, 1 November 2011 0 comments

La tête ne peut pas prendre plus que les fesses

If you're happy and you know it squeeze your bum. If your upper body's unstable on the tightwire squeeze you bum. If your hips turn when you walk and your straight jump is too piked plus your flic flac is a flop, squeeze your bum.

Also, when you squirm in your chair it means your brain is full. Sounds more scientific in french.


It never gets old, having to constantly reverse every little movement and gesture in order to do it or to pass it on and then trying to remember - did I reverse it in order to do it or to pass it on?

When an arm is a hand and a leg is a foot.

And an attempt at a play on words in another language fails to be understood on either side of the ferric drapes...